Reduce summer cooling costs with a simple checklist

Proper heating, ventilating and air conditioning are important to maintain a comfortable and healthy
environment in your business. Improved heating and cooling performance along with substantial
savings can be achieved through routine maintenance and by implementing simple energy-efficiency measures. Put these simple steps into your everyday business routine and start realizing savings
this summer and all year long!

  1. Get a professional checkup for your HVAC system
    Consider a maintenance contract with an HVAC contractor to check your system and keep it working optimally. When conducting routine maintenance inspections, a technician should inspect indoor and outdoor coil condition, refrigerant charge, and belt tension as applicable.
  2. Replace or clean air filters regularly
    Accumulated dirt and dust make your fans work harder and reduce airflow. By cleaning or replacing air filters regularly you can start enjoying the benefits of saving money on your energy bill.
  3. Keep heat and direct sunlight out to lower air conditioning costs
    Adding ceiling insulation, closing window blinds, installing window film, and sealing gaps around doors and windows can help to keep your air-conditioning unit from working over time.

Want to learn more about how to save energy and money this summer? The best way to learn about energy-saving opportunities for your business is to start with an FPL Business Energy Evaluation. An FPL Energy Expert can evaluate your energy usage and help identify energy-saving tips and programs specific to your business.