Working to provide you with affordable, reliable service is a resolution we've kept through the years.
1925 TRANSFORMING FLORIDA - Evolving to stay ahead of our state's growing needs – from providing electricity to early generations to investing in new electric infrastructure today.
ENABLING EFFICIENCY - Sharing tips for modern electric living since the 1940s, to this year helping 11,000 businesses make your bill even lower. 1941
1965 POWERING PROGRESS - Fueling the reliable energy needs of Florida's industries, like the early space program, is a mission that continues today.
ELEVATING STANDARDS - Winning the Deming Prize for quality in 1989 inspires our more than 1,000 efficiency experts' work every day to improve efficiencies and do things better for you. 1989
2001 FUELING THE FUTURE - Investing in more efficient power plants that have slashed foreign oil use since 2001, and continue to reduce fuel costs which helps keep bills low.
INVESTING IN INFRASTRUCTURE - Providing even better reliability every day - it's why we've invested more than $1 billion since 2004 to strengthen our system. 2004
TODAY ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY - Investing today in our new Cape Canaveral plant, making it 90 percent cleaner and using about 33 percent less fuel - keeping your bills low for years to come.
2013 - See How We'll Work To Keep Bills Low »
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