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Trimming your energy use is easy when you have your own personal Energy Efficiency Expert. Schedule an appointment today for a free Business Energy Evaluation and an FPL Energy Expert will visit your business and give you a personalized savings plan, so you can reduce your energy use and make your electric bills even lower. You can even qualify for programs and incentives to help you put your plan into action.
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Energy Answers for your Business:
Energy Usage: LED vs. LCD monitors
Ask the Energy Expert
Hernan D., Miami
At work, we operate about 200 computers, and 90 percent of them have two monitors. If I change all of the monitors from LCD to LED, what will I save in a year?
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Predict your electric bills with confidence
We understand that predicting your monthly cash flows each month is critical to your business's success. The FPL Budget Billing® program can help make forecasting your electricity expense easy by evening out your annual energy costs, so you pay about the same amount each month.
Just ask Miami boutique owner Rucht D'Oleo, who uses the program to predict her electricity bill. "It's not about saving," she said. "It's about knowing what your bill is going to be." Find out if you qualify for the program and start making your budgeting easier.
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Automate savings, avoid paying to cool an empty workspace
Save 10 percent or more annually on air conditioning costs with a demand-control ventilation (DCV) system, which adjusts your building's ventilation based on real-time occupancy levels. With a qualifying system, you may also be eligible for a rebate through FPL's DCV Program.
Find out how a DCV system can lower your operating costs and improve customer satisfaction.
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Keep summer heat out with window treatments
Hot Florida summers can directly impact your electric bills since your air-conditioning system works harder to keep your business cool. An effective way to reduce bills is by adding window treatments such as solar film and screens. You may even qualify for FPL rebates.
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FPL small business customer bills are among the lowest in Florida
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Since 2006, FPL has cleared vegetation from 75,000 miles of power lines - a distance more than three times the earth's circumference
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