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Protect your business equipment from costly lightning strikes

Florida is the lightning capital of the country, and more strikes occur in July than any other month. Lightning is a common cause of outages and flickers and can destroy electrical equipment. We want to help you protect your business against costly equipment failure and data loss due to lightning strikes. In this issue, learn three crucial things you can do to protect your equipment and take a peek inside our Lightning Lab to see how we outsmart lightning to protect your business.
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Energy Answers for your Business:
Electric vehicle programs for businesses
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Does FPL support electric vehicles?
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A solution to lower air-conditioning costs
As fresh air circulates into your building, an equal amount vents outdoors – and that's air you've already paid to cool. The good news: an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system could work in unison with your air conditioner to cut energy use and lower electric bills.
Learn more about how ERV works and find how much you can save.
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Summer high-bill relief for foodservice organizations
Keeping food hot and customers cool in the summer can mean higher energy use for businesses in the foodservice industry. Start these four simple steps today that can improve the efficiency of kitchen equipment and lower your electric bills.
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It can energize your afternoon but not your whole day
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Got a streetlight out?
Got a streetlight out?
We're always working to deliver reliable electric service, and that includes fixing streetlights. If you see a light out, let us know through our easy online streetlight reporting tool. But remember, some streetlights near the beach are kept off intentionally due to sea turtle nesting and hatching season.
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