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High-Tech tools helping
you after a hurricane
Severe weather is something Floridians have come to expect. So too is reliable electric service. That's why we use long-term planning and advanced technology to prepare for hurricanes. This technology allows for real-time information sharing among repair crews, engineers and resource planners, in an effort to cut down on restoration times. Check out one of our advanced tools, the Restoration Spatial View.
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Prepare your business for storm season
Now is the time to prepare your business and employees for storm season. We've put together suggestions for things you can do before a storm hits and after it's passed. Get your storm plan started by using our hurricane safety and preparation tips for businesses and watching a
hurricane preparedness video to learn what businesses like yours are doing to get ready.
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Stay informed after a hurricane
While we all hope the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be as quiet as last year, we're prepared to keep you informed should a storm threaten our area. As always, we will provide ongoing updates through the news media before, during and after a storm. We also have several tools that you can use, including our Storm Center, to stay up-to-date using your mobile device. Bookmark these pages now:
Mobile Storm Center (mobile.FPL.com)
Twitter (twitter.com/insideFPL)
Facebook (facebook.com/FPLconnect)
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Every major hospital STRENGTHENED against storms
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Operating your generator safely
For many businesses, preparing for storm season includes incorporating a generator as a backup power source. This is a great time to review how to operate them safely.
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Energy Answers for your Business:
How power is restored after hurricanes
Rom M., Fort Myers
I have heard that when there are major power outages after hurricanes that power is first restored to the grids where there are hospitals, police and fire stations. How can I find out if my business is on one of the first priority grids?
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Energy Answers is designed especially to address the needs of businesses like yours. Submit your question on any energy-related topic and your question may be featured in one of our future newsletters.
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