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Proposed changes to 2013 bill will help keep your energy reliable and affordable
Our business customers already have among the very best service reliability in the country and among the lowest electric bills in the state. To help us maintain this successful performance, we have made a request to the Florida Public Service Commission for a base rate increase. Due to fuel savings, lower fuel prices and other adjustments, the net change in 2013 over 2012 for most business customers' total bills is expected to range from a decrease of 3 percent to an increase of 4 percent, with the smallest businesses realizing the biggest benefit.
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New lighting technologies can
significantly cut energy costs
Lighting can be one of the most
cost-effective changes that every business can make to reduce electric bills since it accounts for up to 35 percent of the electricity used in many Florida businesses. Understanding what's new in the market, the latest government
standards and the type of lighting that's best for your facility may also feel like a daunting task. In our latest webinar, our energy experts break down the latest lighting technologies and answer the questions that businesses in your industry need to know.
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New Florida HVAC code requirements in effect
On March 15, 2012, new minimum energy efficiency standards in the 2010 Florida Building Code regulations went into effect that have a significant impact on new heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems in commercial spaces, including: chillers, direct-expansion air-conditioning
units, energy recovery ventilation systems, and demand control ventilation. As a result, there could be some changes to FPL's HVAC incentive programs. Learn more about changes that affect equipment in your facility and be prepared.
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Plant wisely and help keep the lights on
Selecting the right tree and the right place to plant at your business can help prevent future power outages and flickers.
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Important tax information: You may qualify for an exemption
If your organization is a manufacturer, government entity, school, agricultural operation, non-profit organization, charity, church, assisted living facility or nursing home, you may be eligible for a Florida sales tax exemption on your electricity purchase. Not only can you save money on your monthly FPL bill, but you may also be eligible for a refund of tax already paid.
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