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Our customers have reliability that's among the best in the country, with most business customers having the lowest bill in the state. We can give your business this great value because we've invested in smart, cost-efficient technologies and worked hard to keep operating costs down. By installing state-of-the-art, combined-cycle natural gas turbines at several FPL plants, we've already cut fuel costs by $5 billion since 2001 and passed those savings on to you. Altogether, our completed and planned investments from 2001 to 2016 are expected to save customers an estimated $1.3 billion in fuel costs per year starting in 2016 as more efficient power plants come online.
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Save thousands by upgrading your
air-conditioning unit
As long as your air-conditioning unit is still working, you probably aren't giving it much thought. But did you know that upgrading to a high-efficiency unit could lower your company's electric bill? See how an average upgrade can save more than $5,000 on operating costs, and how an FPL incentive can help you pay for it.
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Energy Answers for your business:
Understanding your bill
Peter W., Port Orange
I don't know what any of these taxes and fees are on my bill. If you could explain them to me, I would appreciate it…
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Energy Answers is designed especially to address the needs
of businesses like yours. Submit your question on any energy-related topic and your question may be featured in one of our future newsletters.
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Running a business is tough enough. Why not simplify life with FPL E-Mail Bill®? Wipe away some of the clutter from your desk by choosing the secure and easy convenience of receiving your bill online.
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OSHA regulations that can affect your business
As part of our commitment to safety, FPL's Safety 6 program helps educate our business customers and their employees about staying safe when working near power lines. This program offers free safety-related resources and training to help businesses and employees:
Avoid injuries when using ladders and cranes near overhead power lines or digging near underground lines
Comply with OSHA regulations
Reduce insurance premiums and control injury-related costs
Order FPL's free safety kit, including training brochures and videos, or sign up for a free Safety 6 presentation from FPL and learn how to better protect your employees and your business.
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