June 2015
Advanced technology to help restore power faster
We prepare year-round for storm season and always ensure we're armed with the most advanced technology to detect and prevent problems, reduce outages and respond faster when you need us.
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Storm prep tips: How you can get ready
Have a comprehensive storm plan for your business, so you and your employees can get back to work safely and as quickly as possible.
We're improving service in your area
We are building a stronger, smarter grid to deliver affordable electricity you can count on in good weather and bad.
FPL SolarNow™ projects underway
Community-based solar energy is coming to Broward Young at Art Museum with another one planned at the Palm Beach Zoo. See how your business can help bring clean energy to local communities.
Energy Answers
At my business, our air conditioning seems to run for quite a while, particularly in the morning. Is this normal?
- Kathy C., Stuart
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Lighting options for your business
Personal dimming systems make it feasible for individual workers to control lighting levels in their own workspaces.
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Energy Answers: Top energy guzzlers
VIDEO: Making your service even more reliable
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FPL: Changing the current.
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