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Become an energy expert with FPL smart tools
Learn how to save energy and money when you schedule a free Business Energy Evaluation. See how you can save your business up to $500.
Energy Answers
Q. Are energy audits available for condo associations?
- Paul O., Naples
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Making the most of our sunshine
Bright sunny days are what make the Sunshine State such a beautiful place. We at FPL are committed to keeping it that way by advancing the use of clean solar energy. With FPL SolarNow™, you can get involved by helping to bring solar energy into our communities.
Bringing energy efficiency education to schools
Absolutely free to the schools it visits, Captain Wattage teaches K-5 students about energy in an engaging, action-packed performance and reaches nearly 70,000 students each year.
Students show off skills at FPL
Six South Florida high school robotics teams showed what their robots could do as part of a Robotics Showcase at FPL’s headquarters.
Meter tampering is a crime everyone pays for
Electricity is the third most stolen product in the country. Meter tampering is a crime that is punishable by Florida law. When someone tampers with a meter, not only is it extremely dangerous, it also adds to our cost of doing business and that affects everyone’s bills.
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Beware of phone scams
Got a call from someone threatening to shut off your power unless you pay immediately with a prepaid card? Hang up, it's a scam! FPL would never call threatening or asking you for immediate payment with a prepaid card.
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