Spreading the sunshine across Florida
We're partnering with communities across Florida, helping homeowners, businesses and tomorrow's workforce better understand and use solar energy. View our online interactive map to see more than 100 locations where our state's sunshine is producing clean energy near you.
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Making electricity even more reliable for you
Improvements we're making this year include:
  • Strengthening more than 200 main power lines to
    better withstand major storms and help us get the
    lights on faster after outages
  • Inspecting more than 130,000 utility poles for strength
We're doing something about power flickers
We understand how even short—less than 60 seconds—outages can interrupt your business. That’s why we’ve launched a first–of–its–kind initiative to reduce the number of flickers that impact you.
Efficiency upgrade helped one business save
Florida Gateway College reduced its library's electric bill 8 percent by installing energy efficiency upgrades. See what they did and learn how our Energy Experts can help you find savings, too.
You asked. We listened.
Energy Answers: What causes higher summer bills?
Q. My bill was much higher compared to last month, and I haven't done anything differently. What caused this?
-Peter L. from North Miami Beach
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