Creating a more energy independent tomorrow
We believe electricity should be affordable, reliable and free from foreign oil dependency. We're making it happen with our newest clean energy center, which began producing electricity for you this month using clean, low-cost American natural gas.
What it means for you
Make a business case for going electric
Converting your company car to a light or heavy-duty electric vehicle can help you:
• Save 80 percent on fuel compared to gasoline
• Access HOV lanes and "refuel" onsite
You asked. We listened.
Energy Answers: Turning computers off vs. sleep mode
Q. What saves the most money? Putting my computer in sleep mode or turning it off and on when I need it?

-Anastasia R. from Venice, Fla.
Working to clear trees from 15,000 miles of power lines. How it will keep your power reliable » Planting trees in the right place helps prevent outages. Learn helpful landscaping tips »
Protect your business from scams. Learn how to report it online » $6 billion of electricity is pirated each year in the U.S. Help stop this crime that costs you »
Making a difference in the communities where we live
There's nothing quite like helping someone else. That's why during our sixth annual Power to Care week, FPL President Eric Silagy and more than 1,300 other employees and their families volunteered at nearly 30 community projects across Florida.
FPL: Changing the current.