Lower electric rates, more baseball
With all the new technology that keeps us connected and your business running, we’re using energy in more ways than ever. It’s good to know that at FPL, we’re using smart technology and working more efficiently to bring the cost of that energy down for you. For customers like Roger Dean Stadium, in Jupiter, Fla., lower electric rates help them remain affordable, so families can come together and enjoy America’s Pastime – baseball.
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Keeping your bill low
Did you know? A typical business customer will see savings in the range of about 2 to 6 percent, depending on rate class and type of service this month.
Energy Answers
In December, we had some cold days and turned on the heat at our business. The increase in our bill was substantial. Does heating use that much more energy than the A/C?
- Bill P., Ormond Beach
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Boost your bottom line
Boost your savings and company car mileage by driving 36 miles on $1 of electricity compared to 11 miles in a gas-powered vehicle.
Make a difference in your service area
Together, with businesses like yours, we can move Florida forward and help to advance solar energy in our state. In fact, a project is already underway at the Broward Young at Art Museum and another is planned for the Palm Beach Zoo. And, this is just the beginning.
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