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We're ready for storm season. Are you?
With Tropical Storm Colin fresh in our minds, storm season is certainly upon us. At FPL, we train, plan and prepare all year - so that once the storm passes, we get your business back to normal fast. We've invested in smart technology that makes our energy infrastructure more responsive and efficient to deliver energy that is more reliable for you and your business. It's never too late to be prepared.
Electric service you can count on
At FPL, we understand the importance of keeping your lights on. That's why we continue to make our infrastructure stronger, bringing you reliable service to power your business in good weather and bad.
Energy Answers
Q: Is it more energy efficient to turn off the A/C in our office or to leave it at 78 degrees for the entire weekend?
- Jackie S., Miami, Fla.
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Become a leader for a cleaner energy future
With FPL SolarNow, we're taking our state's sunshine, turning it into clean solar energy and bringing it closer to you. With your support, we can bring even more solar energy to our local communities, faster.
See how your business sizes up
Running your small business is no small task - which is why we built a new, dynamic tool designed just for you. Use your free Small Business Tool to benchmark yourself against local, state and national competitors by analyzing key factors such as annual revenue, number of employees, annual salary and more.
Keep your business and employees safe this storm season
We have a plan and urge you to prepare as well, so you and your employees can get back to business safely and as quickly as possible. Download our storm guide for tips, like ensuring your employees' contact information is up-to-date, reviewing your insurance coverage and more.
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