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Just click to learn how to save up to $500 a year
Today, smart technology is everywhere. And now, smart technology can help make your energy bill even lower. With FPL's free smart tools like the Online Business Energy Dashboard, you can now:
See your energy usage by the hour, the day and the month
Understand how much energy you use over time
Forecast and budget your energy usage
And, when you schedule a Business Energy Evaluation, our energy experts can help you save up to $500 a year on your energy bill.
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Energy Answers
Q: Why is my bill so much higher than last month? It seems to be getting higher and higher every month.
-Roy T., North Port
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A special source of energy
This month, we thank and honor our lineworkers for their hard work and commitment—it takes a special source of energy to bring you energy you can count on in good weather and bad.
Develop a winning game plan for your business
Grow your business by mapping your competitors, customers and suppliers with your free Small Business Tool.
A clean energy future
With your support of FPL SolarNow, we can bring more clean solar energy to local communities. For about 30 cents a day, you can join other local businesses already helping to support the development of solar energy projects, moving us closer to a cleaner energy future.
Protect yourself from imposters
If you download a mobile app claiming to be FPL that requires you to provide personal information, do not enter your account information and delete the app immediately.
Thank you.
"Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Large Utilities in the South" - J.D. Power 2016 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study
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