Even better things are on the horizon
In 2015, we'll continue to turn Florida's sunshine into clean energy, and look for new ways to do it. We're also upgrading FPL.com to make it simpler and easier for you. Plus, who wouldn't love that bills are getting even lower?
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The top trends of 2014: See what had you talking this year
Most "liked" of the year: Florida's sunshine
Feb. 14, 2014 Solar Facebook post:
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Top 3 Energy Myths Busted
1.    Leaving A/C on overnight vs. Turning it off
2.    Turning computers off vs. Sleep mode
3.    Adjusting A/C throughout the day vs. Leaving it at the same temperature
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Easiest way to save:
Business Energy Survey
11,418 took the Business Energy Evaluation to find new ways to save.
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